We create our juices from as many seasonal ingredients as we can get our hands on. Always fresh, we love experimenting with flavors so our customers get the best. Here's a taste of what's been in our cooler. We seal our juices up in 12 ounce bottles for $7. MIX a SIX packs are available for $35.

GOLDEN GODDESS:: pineapple. carrot. orange. lemon. ginger. turmeric. lemongrass.
CHLOROPHYLL:: apple. spinach. lemongrass. (OUR MOST POPULAR)
IMMUNITY BOMB:: apple. lemon. cinnamon. ginger. cayenne. thieves oil.
LITTLE BLACK DRESS:: grapefruit. fennel. thyme oil. activated charcoal.
THE ROOTS:: beet. carrot. ginger. lemon.
ROSIE: rice milk. rose water. honey. vanilla bean. cinnamon. nutmeg. ginger.
METALLICA:: celery. cucumber. lemon. ginger. cilantro. parsley. salt & pepper.


BONGO:: banana. avocado. raw cacao. almond milk. agave nectar. SUNSHINE GANG:: banana. pineapple. mango. peach. CBD oil. turmeric. agave. coconut milk. DATE NIGHT:: banana. peanut butter. coconut milk. honey. turmeric. cinnamon. 
BEES KNEES:: banana. mango. spirulina. rice milk. honey. bee pollen.

Coffee and Tea Now Available!


Juice Cleanses

Herban Touch offers a  two-day ($70) three-day ($100 & our favorite length) or week long ($250) juice cleanse. You receive 5 juices per day for the duration of your cleanse.  We recommend getting a variety of our juices so that you are getting the greatest range of nutrients to do your body good. We can assemble that for you when you reserve ahead of time in our online store (SEE BELOW!) or you can put the types together yourself based on what we have in house on a walk in basis. We also have 6-packs, where you buy 5 & get your 6th juice for free. Six packs are a popular option for people looking to get a nutrient boost & to try out a variety of our juices. Feel free to contact us with any questions or specific needs you might have.



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