Get to know us


Meg Merriman// Owner

Meg Merriman is a Beaver County native with a passion for holistic living. Merriman graduated with a degree in Sociology from Grove City College. In her career as a social worker, she gathered first hand experience of need for nutritional education. Merriman made a career shift to begin working as a Whole Foods Buyer, which provided her resources for tracking the current food market & trends. She combined this knowledge with her personal experience in becoming a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and RYT 200 Yoga Instructor training from Sangha Center for Yoga & Wellness to narrow down her vision for Herban Touch.  Grimes opened Herban Touch in the heart of Beaver because she saw a need for health and wellness in her community & the surrounding areas.  

Jade Cageao// Executive CHef

Jade Cageao is an Ellwood City native with a passion for creating food. Ever since Cageao was young, she was entranced by the idea of creating beautiful art people could enjoy. Studying at local culinary school allowed her to follow her passions, while being close to her surrounding community. Cageao moved to Savannah, Georgia in 2013 to gain experience as both a line cook and pastry chef.  After her two year residency in Savannah, she moved to Los Angeles to gain a greater understanding different food cultures. Cageao returned to Beaver in 2015 to join Grimes as the Executive Chef of Herban Touch. Cageao is excited to bring fresh and one of a kind food to Beaver County

Chelsea Thokar // Creative Director

Chelsea Thokar is a Pittsburgh native with a passion for people. Growing up, she always had a creative side but was never sure how to best utilize it. She graduated with a degree in Visual Communication from Geneva College. After Geneva, Thokar worked at a Marketing Fellow for Bricolage Production Company and Prep Cook at Carota Café inside the Smallman Galley. Working both jobs she began to learn how to merge her creative side, passion for whole foods and marketing skills. She hopes her work at Herban Touch will raise awareness of their mission and educate on the benefits of healthy living.

Pilot Briggs// Boss Baby

Pilot Briggs is who unites the team. Just over two-years-old, Briggs enjoys cake for breakfast, a good game of peek a boo, and dancing. She can be found around the storefront greeting customers and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.